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someoneyouloveSomeone You Love

A great booklet to give to family and friends if you’re coming out. This booklet answers lots of questions frequently asked by family and friends when someone close to them comes out.

questionsQuestions and how to ask

Questions for those who want to know and understand sexual diversity regarding a loved one but just don’t know the questions to ask.  Published by PFLAG Brisbane.

You're Not AloneYou’re Not Alone

A booklet with everything you need to know when you have just have realised you’re LGBTIQ! Has heaps of questions and answers, myths, stereotypes and great tips for coming out to friends and family.

Only Way Out Is InThe Only Way Out Is In

An info booklet for young people who are starting to explore their sexuality and/or gender. Developed and produced in Qld by LGBT young people and Open Doors Youth Service Inc in 2004.